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      • The next two weeks are big for your coffee shop…

      • If you’re a regular visitor to this coffee blog, and especially if you own or manage a coffee shop, you’ll no doubt be familiar with our Commercial Coffee Shop Calendar. For new visitors, it’s a simple summary of UK events related directly to coffee and catering, and general UK holidays. Why include general UK holidays on the coffee calendar? Because they’re major opportunities packed with possibilities and great ways to market your coffee shop. The next two weeks bring several big events in the worlds of coffee and catering. We think that every food and drink outlet should keep a close eye on major events, because they’re such a good chance to raise your business profile locally. Some national celebrations have their own website, where you’ll find ideas and tips for marketing your coffee shop’s involvement. And throughout this blog we share some of the best ways to market your coffee shop not just on special occasions, but as a continuous drive for awareness and loyalty.

        British Food Fortnight

        First up, starting Saturday 22nd September, it’s British Food Fortnight. The celebration runs right through until 7th October (well, the clue was in the name). It’s the biggest annual, national British food and drink event. As you’d expect, the big idea is to bring together local communities to enjoy the very best of British produce. Now, we all know coffee isn’t British… But that’s no reason not to celebrate your roaster, for example, and if your business also sells pasties, cakes, scones and other traditional British food, it’s a good chance to make a song and dance about it. If this is the first you’ve heard about the event – read up on it here and make sure you’re prepared for next year.

        World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

        Macmillan Cancer Support’s genius event should need no introduction. It’s a huge fundraising endeavour, based around the UK’s love of coffee and cake. Up and down the country people have organised coffee mornings in all sorts of locations. So why not a coffee shop? And this way, the participants get to enjoy handmade coffee of great quality, delivered with panache, rather than sipping supermarket own-brand instant coffee or overpriced pod-dispensed coffee. It’s not too late to offer your coffee shop as the venue for a local Biggest Coffee Morning – just make sure that you promote it on social media to maximise participation (use the hashtag #coffeemorning) and donate a decent amount to the Macmillan cause. To take part this year – or get well ahead of the game and plan something spectacularly impressive for next year – visit the Macmillan website and take advantage of all their great coffee morning marketing advice.

        International Coffee Day

        This year’s global celebration of coffee is 1st October, with the theme of Women in Coffee. Women are involved in coffee production from seed planting all the way through to creating incredible latte art (from bean to cup, if you will…) And that gives you an extra angle when it comes to photos to share on social media – celebrating the women who make your business possible. That could include your coffee farmers, if you are in contact with the cooperative, yourself if you’re a female business owner, your suppliers, your staff and, of course, your loyal customers. Make sure you use the hashtag #internationalcoffeeday when you share your news and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.