• Tax Benefits of Leasing


      Small initial outlay required

      Equipment can be obtained by paying as little as one month deposit

      Ability to secure immediate use of equipment

      Immediate use may be necessary to take advantage of a business opportunity.
      Having to wait until capital is available may mean the loss of that opportunity

      Manage your income

      All rentals are fixed for the period.The total outlay of the equipment is known from the start making budgeting more simple.The rentals are always taken on an unsecured basis, the equipment is the only security (directors guarantees may be taken for some limited companies).

      Monthly income may exceed rental

      The equipment leased will often help generate additional income. This extra income may be sufficient to pay rental i.e. the equipment becomes self – funding.

      Spread the cost using a flexible rental structure

      Rental periods can be constructed to suit the customers requirements and can cover either the expected, or useful life of the equipment.

      Tax efficient

      100% tax relief can generally be allowable on the whole rental.
      The VAT element of the goods is payable on the rental payments instead of one lump sum.
      All of the VAT can be reclaimed by VAT registered businesses.


      At the end of the rental period the ownership of the equipment can be transferred to you for a small one off payment.