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  • NC5 Instant Coffee Machine

    A high-performance instant coffee machine perfect for tabletop use and easy selection between sweetened, decaf and fully caffeinated coffee

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  • NC5
      • Features & benefits

        The NC5 is the super-fast coffee machine for businesses with a hot drink demand of up to 240 cups an hour across a broad range of beverages. Your customer’s options include straight white or black coffee, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate and chocomilk, mocha, latte and tea – and you can choose whether to offer decaffeinated hot drinks and integrated sugar dispensing. An LCD display tells users all they need to know, and the built-in menu includes standard, large and maxi sizes, plus the option of mild, regular and strong blends to taste.

        A high-speed delivery and whipping system, combined with the solid-state heating system, make for maximum servings, even in high-demand environments such as commercial kitchens and cafés, exhibitions and conference centres. You can also choose to specify mains-water-fed or pumped systems, depending on your site set-up. An integral flush system cuts down on cleaning concerns, and your package – whether you’re buying or leasing your coffee machine – includes a one-year parts and labour warranty. Contact us on 0800 840 9023 or email info@nationwidecoffee.co.uk to discuss the best coffee machine deal for your business today.

    • Technical Details  
      Height: 70cm
      Depth: 46cm
      Width: 38cm
      Weight: 36kg
      Max Cup Height: 14cm
      Max Jug Height: 14cm
      Drink Throughput: 240 @ 3kw black coffee p/hour
      Drink Throughput: 300 @ 4.8kw black coffee p/hour
      Additional Features:
      Built-in menu including standard/large and maxi sizes plus regular/strong and mild drinks
      Full audit facility
      High speed delivery/whipping system
      Advanced solid state heating 3kw (13A), 4.8kw (20A)
      Programming in grams & millilitres
      Pre-loaded drink defaults
      Low voltage (12v) D.C control system
      Integral flush system
      Mains water or pumped versions available
      10 premium drinks plus mild/strong options plus maxi/ large options, plus hot water
      80 character L.C.D display
      All stainless steel and zintec chassis with metallic/ polyester paint finishes
      Compact size
      Advanced button technology with backlit graphics built into buttons
      All whipper/augers/valves independently fused
      Canister Capacities  
      Black Coffee: 250 @ 1.4g
      White Coffee: 170 @ 4.5g
      Cappuccino: 100 @ 7.5g
      Hot Chocolate:  75 @ 18g
    • Drink Selection

      Option A - Tea No Sugar
      Option B - Decaf No Sugar
      Option C - Sugar

      Café Latté
      Coffee Black
      Coffee White
      Hot Water
      Tea Black
      Tea White

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