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      • Prepping For a Coffee Market Stall This Christmas

      • If you’re stressing about decorating your coffee stall during the Christmas season, then you’re not alone. Christmas markets are the perfect opportunity to spread awareness for your business locally and obtain customers. But what is the blueprint to a successful coffee stall this Christmas?

        In this blog post, we’ll talk you through our top tips.

        Show off your product

        If you are selling specific goods such as savoury and sweet treats, it’s important to ensure that your goods look appealing at all times.

        If you’re selling baked goods alongside your hot beverages, you might want to invest in some block bottom cellophane bags that will remain standing and look fresh for hours.

        Remember, people judge a book by its cover so keeping presentation neat throughout the day should be one of your top priorities.

        Make your coffee interesting

        If you want to make the most of the day, why not prepare some specialty drinks for the event? Visitors will be able to get a latte or a flat white anywhere. By preparing seasonal drinks, you help yourself stand out from the crowd and provide an incentive for people to shop with yourself over the competition. To keep with the festive theme, we recommend creating a gingerbread latte or salted caramel cappuccino.

        coffee stall

        Keep it fresh

        As your stall will be food and drink focused, it’s important to keep your stock fresh for the public. Baked goods are particularly susceptible to going stale quickly. If you are baking them at the stall or you’ve brought over a batch from your café, it may be worth pre-packaging the items to avoid greasy fingers. For this, film bags are usually the best option as they’re translucent and take up minimal space. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, small cardboard boxes or paper bags may be viable alternatives.

        food display

        Offer tasters

        If you’ve been experimenting in your café with food and drinks but are hesitant to add them to your menu yet, Christmas markets provide a great opportunity to gauge the popularity of potential new menu items. Simply provide free samples alongside your regular goods and ask for their honest feedback.

        food samples at market

        Invest in branding

        Even if you’re a small business, adding branded stickers or labels to your products is a great way to get your name out there and capitalise on free publicity. You can either design them yourself or invest in a packaging/branding company to do it for you. Either way it’s a great way for customers to recognise and familiarise themselves with your brand and hopefully stay relevant the next time they’re thinking of purchasing something you offer.

        Offer discounts once customers purchase

        Discounts are a great way to say thank you to your customers for purchasing your products. Common structures include a free treat or discount if they spend over a certain amount. The idea is to reward your customers for their custom and loyalty – the possibilities on how to approach this are endless.

        Advertise on social media

        It’s always good to be present on social media, but advertising where you’re hosting a market stall can bring your loyal customers to come and support you. Alongside that, taking loads of photos during the event to keep your audience updated is recommended. It also presents the opportunity to engage with other stall’s social media accounts and foster a community of local businesses that support each other.

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