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      • New Year, new coffee shop commitments

      • By the time you read this, Christmas will be pretty much dusted and done. The New Year sales, as much a part of the season as wishing for snow and not getting any, are the final big draw onto the high streets until Valentine’s Day. January and February are quieter times for the high street, and therefore for many coffee businesses. That’s an opportunity in our book. Welcome in the New Year, then make some coffee shop commitments you’ll stick to. Last year we published our easy new year resolutions for coffee shops and catering businesses. They’re just as applicable this year.

        But how many did you put into practice?

        Most new year resolutions are ancient history by the time January is out. That’s down to the way we think about them. Once February arrives, it’s not really a new year any longer. We’re cold, desperate for more daylight and wishing away the next couple of months. But for any business with seasonal fluctuations in customer footfall, these quieter weeks are simply gold for planning the year ahead.

        Hence the phrase ‘new coffee shop commitments’.

        Make this the year that you actually commit to change, commit to proper planning, commit to a calendar of activities. We’d like to think that the subjects we’ve covered on this coffee blog over the past couple of years have given you enough ideas to be busy – and for your coffee shop or catering business – to be busier than ever, all year round.

        Stepping up from the status quo needs planning and a set routine. Otherwise, nothing changes. It may even stagnate or fall away. Successful businesses keep looking for ways to improve.

        And the very best way to increase your footfall and takings is to tap into the hearts and minds of your local community. For our money, the best ways to do that are through social media and by being proactive with the coffee shop calendar 2019.

        So, as you sit with your feet up, belly brimming with festive foods, make a real commitment: to step up your marketing throughout the year ahead.

        Happy New Year!