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      • World Fairtrade Day - it needs your help

      • World Fairtrade Day falls on the 9th of May, campaigning for better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fairer terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

        However, in the same situation as many other charities, the global pandemic has had an impact on people's ability to donate - so they need your help!

        With the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, and across the world, most of the hospitality market including pubs, bars, eateries, hotels, and cafes have been forced to close making many fundraising events an impossibility.

        What is Fairtrade?

        Fairtrade works towards improving prices, establishing decent working conditions, promoting local sustainability, and securing stronger terms of trade for workers in the developing world. 

        By ensuring companies pay sustainable prices to these workers, Fairtrade combats the traditional injustices of conventional trade, whereby the poorest and weakest producers/suppliers are discriminated against. By receiving a higher price for their produce, workers in developing nations can improve their position - for instance, gaining access to education. 

        Currently, the Fairtrade system works with over 1.65 million farmers and workers in the developing world. In 2017 alone, £180 million in Fairtrade Premium was paid to producers, largely being spent on housing improvements, sanitation, and education

        Fundraise for Fairtrade

        Fundraising activities, especially those that are appealing to getting people involved, are a fantastic way to raise awareness of Fairtrade, supporting their message.  

        Traditionally, the most popular fundraising events have been bake sales and marathons. Unfortunately, in our current situation, neither of these are viable. Time to get creative! 

        In true Captain Tom style, you could decide to run a marathon (on your own), and ask for your friends and family to sponsor you with a donation. Instead, you could decide to hold an online Fairtrade quiz, designed to break the ice and get the creative juices flowing (as well as donations!). If you’re struggling to create a quiz yourself, don’t worry! The Fairtrade Foundation has created its very own quiz for fundraisers to use - find out who really knows their coffee beans!

        For more event inspiration, the Fairtrade Foundation provides some great options on their website. At the end of the day, however, it doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is that you’re actively taking a part in improving the lives of those who need help and for that, you should be proud. 

        Fundraise as you shop online

        Did you know you’re able to raise money for Fairtrade when you shop online at no extra cost to you? Through the online platform, Give as you live, you’re able to shop at over 4,100 shops and raise funds for the Fairtrade Foundation. Without having to pay a higher price for your items, a percentage of the purchase price (depending on the shop) will be passed on to the Fairtrade Foundation! Start your online shopping at giveasyoulive.com and make a difference. 

        What your donations will be spent on 

        Through Fairtrade, poor, disadvantaged farmers receive better prices for their produce and decent working conditions. Your fundraising will improve the lives of farmers and workers in a number of ways:

        • Helping strengthen workers voices in order to negotiate improved terms of trade

        • Building demand for their produce

        • Granting them access to an education system

        • Helping them improve their farms and living conditions, often investing in the improvement of their buildings

        Donate Today

        If you can’t fundraise for whatever reason, no need to worry. There is the alternative option of donating any amount online, as a one-off payment or as a recurring monthly payment. 

        By donating, you’re ensuring a stronger Fairtrade. A stronger Fairtrade means more farmers around the world getting Fairtrade’s guaranteed minimum price, a lifeline in times like these when markets crash. 

        A stronger Fair Trade also means more support, training, and resources for farmers and workers struggling to deal with the effects of the climate crisis and now, COVID-19 as well. 

        Alongside all this, you’ll want to get active on social media (like we haven’t nagged you about this before). Any or all of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be a great way to raise awareness and raise further funds. Use the hashtags #WorldFairtradeDay and #Fairtrade to share the positive message, highlight your coffee business’s involvement, and share photos of your coffee creations. You could even run an online competition for followers – just make sure you get them to donate directly as well.

        So, whatever your position during this global pandemic, get involved and help those who need it most!