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      • Why you should lease a high-group espresso machine for your catering business

      • If you’re considering branching into fresh coffee in your business, or if you run an existing coffee shop or catering company and the lease on your coffee machine is soon up for renewal – don’t make a decision until you’ve weighed up the high group espresso machine option.

        If you haven’t heard the term before: high group coffee machines simply allow more space between the drip tray and stand, and the group heads through which you pour that delectable cup of Java.

        Serving lattes in a tall glass – deemed traditional by some, hated by many – is far from the only reason for choosing an espresso machine with high group heads. The most compelling reason is the 12oz takeaway cup.

        “But my takeaway cups are short – we don’t sell 12oz sizes,” some of you will be thinking. A fair point, at first glance.

        But last week, both the Irish and Scottish governments revealed that they are considering introducing a tax or financial incentive to reduce takeaway coffee cup waste. No such indications have been forthcoming from the UK government – which last year said there were no plans for a tax – but the tide may be turning, and you should be ready for when it does.

        Of course, your customers aren’t going to want to give up their takeaway coffees. But they may not take too kindly to a 5p, 10p or even larger surcharge. The simplest solution of all – although one which not enough consumers are taking up – is the reusable travel cup or thermos. For years now, some of the big coffee chains have offered a 25p price reduction to customers who bring their own travel cups; it’s not well advertised, but the offer is there. Since – after staff cost – the biggest cost of coffee is the takeaway cup, it’s an offer that makes sense.

        And it’s the perfect way to promote your environmentally responsible credentials, encourage loyalty and get a jump on any introduction of throwaway cup taxes. Plus when you choose a high group espresso machine (we provide both budget espresso makers and premium espresso machines – so there’s always one to suit your particular needs and financials, you can fit almost any glass or mug beneath the group heads.

        The scary reality is that we throw away 2 and a half billion takeaway cups every year in the UK. Less than 1% of those get recycled. The rest goes to landfill. Something’s got to give – and perhaps it could be you giving a discount to customers bringing their own travel mug.

        For no-obligation advice on the best espresso machine for your business, please feel free to get in touch on 0800 840 9023 or email us at info@nationwidecoffee.co.uk today.