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      • Why Should You be Branding Your Disposable Coffee Cups?

      • Not only do take-out coffee cups hold your beverages, but they can also become a powerful marketing tool for your business, bringing in customers and selling more coffee. In fact, the design of your take-out cups can have a variety of benefits for your business, that you may have overlooked in the past. Here are some ways in branded coffee cups can benefit your business.  


        Generate Free Advertising

        You can recognise a Costa or a Starbucks drink from a mile away. In their early years they developed their entire branding around their takeout cups, making it easy for the public to associate the drinks to the brand. When adding forms of customised design, whether that be a logo, tagline, or colour scheme; these automatically become walking advertisements for your business. Using this effective technique will help put your business above the competition and will create free mobile advertisement around your local area.


        Encourage People to Make Repeat Purchases

        Having an empty cup of coffee on any desk and suddenly wanting to have another is an urge we all can relate to. Putting your branded take-out cup into the equation gives a higher chance that they’ll visit you again. Not only do these ingenious cups work as a free marketing tool but also can grab the attention of new customers and existing ones. Repetition is everything: adding your logo to your cups can help to convert your coffee shop to become the go-to destination for your target audience.

        business woman with a coffee

        Strengthen Your Business Identity

        Competition is sadly inevitable, and with coffee cups branding matters. Establishing your shop with these free ads will help get residents, workers and passers-by to come in and give you a steady stream of sales throughout the day. This simple concept will put your brand in front of your local competitors and adds social proof to your product by putting your brand into the customers hands. Branding your disposable cups helps your brand to become more recognisable by giving a business card to your customers.


        Developing your Brand’s Image

        Packaging is more valued to customers then you’d think. Examples being from Apple’s minimal, sleek packaging being a pleasure to unwrap. Reflecting that same experience onto your cups should be no different: by creating a luxury, unique design for your cups to be carried around. Just like a certain type of glass can add a level of intrigue towards a cocktail. Having a cup that has a particular colour scheme and fresh image can create a significant impact on how people perceive your coffee.


        Creating a Professional Impression

        Opting for a branded disposable cup instead of the generic paper cup can give your café a professional image which would therefore lead to your customers associating it with a higher quality product. Showing that you’re branding your cafe would prove that you’re serious about running your business: being willing to invest in making sure the smallest details are perfect. Your cafe for new customers is all about first impressions – showing that your business is reputable and responsible will, over the long term, contribute to higher customer rates, greater sales, and generally more revenue.

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