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      • The Importance of Coffee Breaks

      • Following on from our previous blog covering the benefits of having a coffee machine in the office, we’re going to take a closer look at the importance of coffee breaks for employee morale and productivity. 

        Something as short and sweet as a coffee break may seem trivial to some, but the reality is that they can have a profound impact on employee happiness, productivity, and alertness. Not only that, with the British Coffee Association reporting that 95 million cups of coffee are consumed every single day in the UK alone, it’s hard to argue against coffee breaks. 

        Let’s take a closer look at the importance of coffee breaks within the office environment. 

        coffee under a coffee machineDe-stress and relax

        Office’s are often associated with large workloads, deadlines, and menial tasks. These often come together to create stressful and anxious environments for employees. 

        A simple coffee break allows employees the opportunity to step away from their desk and distance themselves from their work, relieving pressure and providing some much-needed relaxation time. Short breaks during work have often been linked to an increase in productivity, as employees stop overworking themselves and their workload becomes more manageable. 

        Additionally, research has found that caffeine consumption can be linked to a reduction in stress. Caffeine is said to reduce stress through inhibiting receptions in the brain that release a chemical known as adenosine. These receptors are responsible for inducing stress, blocking them, therefore, can reduce stress-induced behaviours. 

        Reduce fatigue

        As a stimulant, coffee keeps employees awake and more alert throughout their working day, improving productivity in the workplace. However, keeping your employees focused on their work throughout the day isn’t the only way coffee consumption increases productivity. 

        It’s been proven that long stints staring at a computer screen can cause fatigue and even brain fog. Regular coffee breaks from the computer screen allow employees to stretch their legs and get their blood flowing, returning to their workstation recharged. 

        Increased productivity

        Contrary to popular belief, time away from the office desk does not necessarily mean reduced productivity. For starters, an office coffee machine will always result in higher productivity levels than before. If there’s no coffee in the office, employees are likely to spend more time out of the office at a cafe or coffee shop, resulting in wasted productivity. 

        In addition, numerous studies have shown that ‘micro’ breaks can boost productivity. Without the chance to take a break, employees can become fatigued, less efficient, less engaged, and more prone to making mistakes. This results in poor performance and disgruntled employees.

        Communal area to build working relationships

        Regular coffee breaks can bring together employees who normally wouldn’t have a point of contact with one another, which can promote cohesion and lead to bonding within the workplace. These interactions can also form the basis for future cross-department collaborations that can generate your business profit.

        Additionally, coffee breaks allow employees to form relationships with their coworkers. Strong relationships between employees can result in a happier and more enthusiastic workforce. Positive relationships with coworkers have also been linked to reduced staff turnover. 


        As an employer, you should be encouraging staff to take short coffee breaks, not discouraging them. In order to keep staff on site, and make coffee breaks even more beneficial, why not invest in a quality office coffee machine. Here at Nationwide Coffee, we offer a wide range of coffee machines to suit your needs, whether it be a bean-to-cup machine or an instant coffee machine

        Contact us today to learn more about the benefits an office coffee machine can reap for your business.