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      • The best coffee machines for factories: why manufacturing should wake up to coffee

      • Most workplace studies focus on the modern office environment, for which we provide a lot of bean-to-cup coffee machines – a self-service coffee machine capable of making all of your favourite coffee variations in less than two minutes. From studies like Areaworks’ recent research on what British workers want, we can see that decent kitchen facilities – including a good coffee machine – come top of the wishlist for the perfect office environment. So, good quality coffee matters more than outside space, casual seating and even the clichés of ‘fun’ workplaces, table football and table tennis. We reason that there’s no real difference between people who work in an office and people who work in factories, processing plants and other industrial workplaces. They want to feel valued and appreciated. Leasing a commercial coffee machine for your factory or warehouse is a simple, cost-effective and powerful way to please your team.

        If anything, we think coffee machines for factories matter even more than at offices. Why? Several reasons. Firstly, factories and manufacturing plants are seldom within walking distance of a decent coffee shop. Secondly, shift work means that getting a proper coffee outside of work is even more difficult, if not downright impossible. Thirdly, factory work is often noisy, physically demanding, sometimes repetitive and not mentally stimulating. And those shifts are often longer and more tiring than the traditional office 9-5.

        Coffee is good for staff morale

        And positive staff morale should be on every company’s wishlist. Positive morale leads to greater productivity and efficiency, stronger team cohesion and relations, lower staff turnover and reduced spend on recruitment and training. If the ready availability of good-quality of coffee – as one of the most important work perks for staff – can help make all that possible, a bean-to-cup coffee machine for the factory is a wise investment indeed.

        Coffee is good for staff health

        We’ve discussed it before. The most obvious benefit to you as an employer is that caffeine hit during a long night shift. Caffeinated coffee makes the drinker more alert, and tests have shown uplifts in awareness, reaction times and cognitive performance, among other things. So, a coffee machine in your factory could even help prevent workplace accidents and all the lost time and cost that come with it. And then there’s coffee’s proven role in preventing various diseases, any of which might affect your workers at any time.

        It’s a win-win. If you’d like to find out about buying a bean-to-cup coffee machine or leasing a coffee machine for your business, we’re happy to give no-obligation advice on the best machines for you and your needs. Just call 0800 840 9023 or email info@nationwidecoffee.co.uk today.