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      • Serve coffee to help staff and customers live longer!

      • Big news this week. Drinking coffee reduces your risk of death from all causes. Now there’s a reason to put up with the queue at the coffee machine! We’ve already discussed the multiple benefits of drinking coffee, but this latest news comes courtesy of a new study carried out by researchers from Imperial College London and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

        It’s the largest study of its kind, delving into the effects of coffee consumption on more than 520,000 people across 10 European countries. Where it gets really interesting is that while the hot beverages you serve in your coffee bar, restaurant, pub – or even from a self-service bean-to-cup machines – here in the UK might be differently prepared from a coffee made in Italy, there’s a very similar association between coffee consumption and reduced mortality.

        The researchers made careful adjustments for diet and smoking, and found that people with the highest coffee consumption had a lower risk of premature death from any cause, and specifically for circulatory and digestive diseases. They also found that people who drink coffee may have healthier livers and control glucose better.

        It’s not known which ratios of the various compounds contained in coffee (such as caffeine and antioxidants) are optimum, and the study’s authors stop short of stating how many coffees a day are best for human health, but they do state that drinking coffee is safe and could have protective properties.

        Certainly, when you look at our piece on how much caffeine you can safely drink a day, it seems that three top-notch coffees could be beneficial for your health – and for your business.

        With that in mind – are you leasing the best espresso machine for your business? If you offer self-service coffee at your company, is hiring a better bean-to-cup machine going to improve customer or staff satisfaction?

        You can read more about the study here – and please do share the good news with your staff and among your customers via social media using the share links at the top of the article.