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      • Potato Milk: Everything You Need to Know

      • Potato milk?! You may think we’re mad or that it’s some kind of typo, but no. It’s official, potatoes have become even more versatile, having been turned into milk. Though it may seem that baristas are throwing anything together and calling it milk, there is good reason as to why potatoes are a new alternative milk to get excited about.

        After this blog post, you’re going to walk away a potato milk expert!

        Why Potato Milk?

        DUG, the world’s first potato milk, launched in the UK in February 2022. It claims its potato milk is now the most eco-conscious dairy-free option, taking up 50% less land than alternatives and using 56 times less water than in the production of almond milk.

        DUG has three different variations of their growing drink: unsweetened, original and barista. These drinks are available in select supermarkets and online.

        Potato Field

        What does it taste like?

        Potato milk is mild, creamy and to many tastes just like any other generic plant-based milk, such as oat or almond. Many commentators have suggested potato milk is most similar to soy milk, but thicker.

        Original Potato Milk

        The original variant is the most favoured, being drinkable as a standalone drink. It appears that all of the variants don’t mix well in hot drinks, due to their water content, with some even separating (though this is nothing new in the world of plant-based milks). Due to this, it become popular in smoothies, as opposed to a coffee milk.

        Fruit Smoothie

        Unsweetened Potato Milk

        As the name describes: unsweetened has more of a saltier taste but still works in most drinks if you prefer a less sweetened taste to them. Others have noted a powdery texture, as it coats the mouth.

        Barista Potato Milk

        According to Rachel Hosie from Insider, the barista potato milk ‘tasted like fish’. According to Rachel, it tasted ‘bitter, sour and the most ‘potatoey’, but it did bubble up the most after shaking’. Adding sweeteners to it to try and keep a more neutral taste didn’t work and wasn’t the best out of the three.

        Benefits of Potato Milk

        Added sugars

        Sweetened potato milk contains about 1.8g of sugar per 100ml. This is less than all the other plant milks which contain around 2-3.5g of added sugar per 100ml. In this category, potato milk comes out on top.

        Fat content

        Potatoes have low-fat content naturally. To thicken the milk, additional fats are added to potato milk, typically in the form of rapeseed oil. This is common practice in the plant-based milk industry, as both rice and oat milk contain rapeseed oil.

        Despite this, compared to other alternative milks, potato milk is higher in monounsaturated fats, which are proven to be better for your heart

        Potato in the Shape of a Heart

        Health Benefits to Potato Milk

        Packed with essential vitamins and minerals

        Potato milk, like that produced by DUG, is rich in vitamins A, B12, C, D and E. Calcium and Iron are also abundant in potatoes, which are hugely beneficial to our health.

        Good for those with allergies

        Like other alternative milks, potato milk is great for those who have allergies. This vegan milk is free from lactose, soy, gluten, and nuts.

        Good for the heart

        Potatoes contain a high amount of monounsaturated fats and are great for the heart. Potato milk is also lower in saturated fats compared to cow’s milk.

        Good for the planet

        Potato milk is considered the best plant-based milk compared to its alternatives in terms of land usage, emission, and water use.

        Cons of Potato Milk

        Protein content

        There are alternative milks with higher protein content, such a soya milk which contains 3.5g of protein per 100ml. Comparatively, potato milk has around half that, which is primarily derived from added pea milk anyway.

        If you’re choosing your plant-based milk for its protein content, potato milk might not be the best alternative.

        Not easily available

        DUG potato milk is only available in select supermarkets in Europe or online via their website or Amazon.

        If you’re living outside of this region, your options are limited, and you may be forced to make it yourself at home. However, through doing this, you lose the fortified vitamins that are added during the production stage of plant-based milks.

        Final thoughts

        To summarise, potato milk is mild and creamy and is proving popular as a dairy-free alternative. If you live in Europe, its available for you to try and we highly suggest doing so. That way, you can compare it with the other milks and make your own mind up.

        If you’re looking to transition to dairy-free milks and not sure where to start, our article covering 6 of the best dairy-free milks is a good place to start.