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      • How to decommission your coffee machine

      • During the UK lockdown, we're all adhering to the #StayHome, #ProtectTheNHS and #SaveLives response to the coronavirus pandemic, as a result of these social distancing rules it is a time of uncertainty for us all, especially for our hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, and it is possible you may have to leave your coffee machine inactive for an unknown length of time.

        The UK has currently been on lockdown since the 23rd March. With the next review by law likely to take place on 7th May. Regardless of this, epidemiologists and economists are talking about using a traffic light system for restarting areas of the economy based on benefits, value of taxation, and minimal health risks where social distancing can still be adhered to. This means that one of the last areas of the economy likely to be given the green light is the hospitality industry, due to the assumed high risks of high footfall and social interaction.

        As your coffee machine may be out of use for a while, we have put together these steps for decommissioning your machine. This will prevent any unwelcome odours or build-up of bacteria and when you get up and running again, your coffee machine should function as smoothly as possible.

        Protecting your Bean to Cup coffee machine during the isolation period

        We recommend that you follow the following procedures if your bean to cup coffee machine is not being used during the isolation period. 

        We would advise you do a de-scale, coffee clean and milk clean of your machine(s) before closing the machine down.

        Before switching off your coffee machine, please drain the machine of all water (Empty System).

        Drain a HV Machine. The HV machines have an option in the menu to drain the machine (Empty System).

        Precondition: The start screen is displayed.

        • Remove the milk pipe from the dual spout.
        • Place one receptacle under the dual spout and another under the hot-water spout.
        • Touch 'P'.
        • You should be in the 'Maintenance Status' system.
        • Turn the Rotary Switch until 'Machine settings' is displayed.
        • Press the Rotary Switch.
        • You should now be in 'Machine Settings'.
        • Move your finger across the display until 'Empty system' is displayed in the centre.
        • Touch 'Empty system'.
        • You should now be in 'Empty system' and can remove the water tank.
        • Remove and empty the water tank.
        • Press the Rotary Switch.
        • Water and steam will continue to be discharged from the dual spout and the hot water spout until the system is empty.
        • Your HV Bean to Cup Machine can now be switched off.

        Drain a LV or MV machine.  You can drain the machine by pressing the Hot Water button to dispense a portion of Hot Water.  When the water starts to flow, remove the water tank. 

        When the machine starts to splutter, the machine is empty of water, press the Cancel button.

        Please remember to empty the water tank, empty and wash out the dump box and drip tray.

        Decommission an Espresso Machine

        The procedure for shutting down your espresso machine for the time being. This is to hopefully ensure that when you re-open everything goes as smoothly as possible.

        • Run a full cleaning cycle using Pulycaff powder
        • Rinse thoroughly, for twice as long as you usually would
        • For the steam arm, take a jug of water and steam it to ensure any milk residue is rinsed. DO NOT soak the steam arm in ANYTHING.
        • Turn off/isolate the water supply
        • Drain a few cups of hot water from the boiler to ease the pressure, and to leave less water that could become stale
        • Open steam arms and leave open
        • Turn machine off and isolate power supply
        • Pour some diluted bleachy water down the waste to check it's clean, then rinse with clean water.

        Then when you are able to start trading again as normal, please follow the next procedures:

        • With the steam arms open, turn the machine and water on.
        • Allow it to refill in 3 short bursts. ie fill for a short while, then rest, start filling again for a short time, then rest, then allow to continue filling.

        The idea is to protect the element from shock.

        Note: When a machine is recommissioned, it must have a cleaning cycle run through first prior to consuming any drinks.

        Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.