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      • Hot Chocolate and Coffee Machines

      • hot chocolate in coffee shop

        Whilst most coffee shops will have the serving of most hot drinks down to a tee (I’m thinking lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos), luxury hot drinks don’t stop there. There is a growing market, one that becomes more popular in winter months, for hot chocolate and your coffee shop shouldn’t be seen shying away from it. 

        The coffee-house trade has long understood the value of hot chocolate. It accounts for 5% of year-round beverage sales in some chain cafés, and up to 15% in some independents. In fact, hot chocolate is the fastest-growing drink in the general catering sector, and in one survey, 60% of consumers said it was served best in coffee-houses

        For this reason, if it’s not already, hot chocolate should be offered as part of your main menu, to attract and cater to those of us with a sweet tooth that prefer a rich, velvety smooth drink once in a while.

        How To Make Hot Chocolate With An Espresso Machine

        Whilst instant coffee machines and bean-to-cup machines are capable of making their very own indulgent hot chocolate at the push of a button, the majority of coffee houses will have opted for a traditional espresso machine instead. Traditional espresso machines are favoured for their durability and quality, allowing professionally trained baristas to produce amazing coffee.

        However, what few people may know is that the traditional espresso machine can be used to make hot chocolates as well. Here's how:

        You’ll need

        • Hot Chocolate mix – it’s sweet, rich and inexpensive to boot!

        • Milk – Whole milk is our recommended option but semi-skimmed and skimmed are absolutely fine if you’re looking for a healthier option

        • Milk jug 

        • Espresso machine – If you don’t currently have one, discover a range today

        • Whipped cream

        • Mini marshmallows – These tend to be a favourite!


        1. Pour approximately 300ml of milk into your milk jug.

        2. Add two scoops of hot chocolate powder and stir until mixed.

        3. Purge your steam wand to ensure a full quality steam flow is ready.

        4. Much like foaming milk for lattes, foam your chocolate milk mixture with the steam wand head just under the surface of the milk lifting to introduce more air for thick, creamy foam.

        5. Once the desired foaminess and temperature has been reached tap the milk jug base on your preparation surface to remove any large air bubbles before pouring into a latte glass or large mug.

        6. Add a squirt of whipped cream for a beautiful rich creamy first sip.

        7. Top with mini marshmallows for squidgy sweetness without the need for any extra sugar.

        8. And finally, add a little dusting of hot chocolate mix or cinnamon to finish off an amazing hot drink experience.