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      • Do your hospital’s commercial coffee machines bring the perks they should?

      • With so much M&E and building fabric to maintain, it’s easy to see why hospital administrators and facilities managers might make a snap decision on leasing coffee machines for their hospitals. But examining your terms and exploring the commercial coffee machines available could make a surprising difference. Even in-hospital caterers and café franchises would do well to take a long look at how the best coffee machines could boost their success.

        Let’s look at self-service coffee machines for hospital visitors and out-patients first. There’s an obvious need. Every A&E department should have its own bean-to-cup self-service hot beverages machine. It’s probably the part of the hospital where visitors have the longest wait. Bored, tired, restless and in low spirits, anything you can do to make their wait less stressful goes beyond basic customer service – it could well have a positive impact on their interaction with hospital staff. When tempers are frayed, ill-treatment of receptionists and nurses increases. By providing a range of good-quality hot drinks from a well-stocked instant service machine, you’re helping alleviate the boredom and lifting moods.

        The same general rule applies throughout the hospital: strategically located hot drinks machines in departments with the highest footfall will always do well – if you get your price point right. The general public is already less than happy about the price of parking at many hospitals, so you don’t want to be seen to be taking advantage. But it’s cheaper to lease a high-volume bean-to-cup coffee machine than you might think – and guarantee cost-effective ingredients and regular maintenance. Choosing the right machine can mean turning a profit, enhancing the visitor experience and improve the patient-healthcare provider relationship. You can explore some self-service coffee machine options here.

        Coffee machines for hospital staff

        If anyone needs the energy-lifting benefits of caffeinated coffee, it’s hospital staff. Doctors, nurses, reception and auxiliary staff work long hours in often unnaturally lit environments, contending with life and death scenarios and incredibly stressful situations. They’re time-poor, so even knocking up a cup of instant coffee can take too long. A good bean-to-cup machine serves a genuinely enjoyable hot drink in less time than it takes to walk to a kitchenette and boil a kettle. Pricing here is perhaps even more important. No hospital should be taking advantage of its workers; but by offsetting the prices of coffee machines for the public with lower prices at the machines in staff-only areas, you can heavily subsidise staff drinks without incurring major costs. And of course – you can always lease instant coffee machines for staff areas if the demand is lower and you need to maximise revenue.

        Coffee machines for caterers and in-hospital cafés

        Choosing the ideal coffee machine for a catering operation comes down to volume of customers, profitable price points, and the experience you want to offer. There’s a range of commercial espresso machines available to lease or buy at various prices if you want to offer an authentic coffee shop, barista-served feel. The advantages are an even greater range of drinks to offer and the chance to create an atmosphere that provides a little escapism for hospital visitors.

        If speed of service and quick turnover are your priorities, you’ll want a bean-to-cup machine that takes less time yet still delivers a great taste.

        To find out more about flexible leases for coffee machines for your hospital or healthcare catering business, get in touch for no-obligation advice and a tailored quote that suits your budget.