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      • Coffee-Related Resolutions for 2021

      • With 2020 behind us, we’re sure we’re not the only ones seeking to make 2021 a better year. 

        Whilst many will be making the annual, traditional empty promises of running a marathon or increasing their salad intake, we thought we’d share some coffee related resolutions that any coffee-lover can get behind in 2021. 

        Whether you’re looking to better the planet with your actions around coffee or benefit from a healthier choice of coffee, our coffee-related resolutions for 2021 have you covered. Discover them below!

        Reuse your Coffee Grounds

        With sustainability and environmentalism on the rise in the UK, many consumers are looking for ways to decrease their individual impact on the environment. One of the many ways to do this is through recycling your used coffee grounds.

        What do you do with the used coffee grounds from your bean-to-cup machine or manual pour-over? Chances are you chuck them out, as you think they have no further value. However, what if I was to tell you that you’re able to recycle your used coffee beans in a number of imaginative ways, benefiting the planet at the same time? 

        Used coffee grounds are perfect for use as a deodoriser in your kitchen, helping to neutralize any bad odours in your fridge. Coffee grounds can also be added to compost and with their nitrogen, magnesium and potassium content, add great value to the soil. Who'd have thought a bean was so versatile!

        Ground coffee

        Explore New Origins

        Over the years, through either your own exploration or the overhyped words of others, you may have found yourself consuming the same coffee over and over again. For instance, you may have settled on Ethiopian coffee as your favourite, or perhaps Guatemalan. However, with hundreds of coffee-producing countries all over the world, why stop there? 

        In 2021, you could make it your mission to try a new coffee origin every month. One of the best ways to do this would be through a coffee subscription. These have become increasingly popular over lockdown months, with the basic premise being the discovery of new coffees! 

        Maintain Your Equipment

        Almost everyone is guilty of being complacent with the maintenance of their beloved coffee equipment. This could be an espresso machine, bean-to-cup machine or coffee bean grinder. No matter the equipment in question, they need love every now and then to ensure their optimum function. 

        By maintaining your equipment, you’ll also be saving yourself money, as your equipment is likely to last longer and will have a lower risk of breaking. Not only that, but with cleaning your equipment more regularly, you may even notice an improvement in the taste of your coffee! A win-win in our eyes! 

        To learn more, read our blog post on how to properly clean and maintain your coffee machine.

        Reduce Takeaway Cups

        Many consumers believe their takeaway cups to be recyclable. However, the sad truth is that only 1 in 400 takeaway cups are recycled. 7 million cups a day. 2.5 billion cups a year. 

        This wastage creates an awful lot of environmentally damaging landfill. But your actions can keep this from happening. In 2021, why not pledge yourself to stop using disposable takeaway cups and instead invest in a long-term, reusable coffee cup. 

        recyclable coffee cups

        Switch to Plant-Based Milk

        Demand for animal products is on a downward trend, with more brits than ever looking to either reduce their meat and dairy consumption or adopt a completely animal-derivative free lifestyle. 

        Whatever your reasons, be them environmental, ethical or health based, adopting plant-based milk for use in your coffees in 2021 is a positive pledge that you can make. 

        A few years ago, making this sort of transition would have been extremely difficult, with the only real alternatives being soya, almond and coconut. However, nowadays, there are around 20 plant-based milks to choose from. The popular sellers are oat, coconut, almond, and soy. To find out more about vegan milks, read our blog on the best dairy-free alternative milks to use in your coffee

        Barista Oat Milk carton

        Try ‘Health’ Coffee

        For a while now, coffee has long been associated with specific health benefits, often being linked to as a perfect pre workout or post workout drink. However, more recently, consumers have been looking at ways in which coffee can improve their overall health. 

        This search has led to the creation of coffee with certain supplements, such as turmeric, which seek to improve the immune health of its drinkers. Certain other coffee alternatives are also gaining popularity, such as mushroom coffees and chicory root coffees. These coffees are designed to emulate coffee, but without the caffeine crash and anxiety afterwards.  

        Educate Yourself

        We should continuously be attempting to further ourselves through the consumption of knowledge. Education is fundamental to our development and there is much to learn about coffee! 

        For instance, you may take it upon yourself to enroll in an online barista training course to refine your coffee making skills, or perhaps learn about the history of coffee and its impact on early civilisation! There are plenty of avenues to explore when it comes to coffee, each more exciting than the last. 

        2021 Resolutions

        These are but a few of the coffee-related resolutions you could pledge yourself to going ahead in 2021. These resolutions all aim to serve a purpose, be it environmental or personal betterment. However, it should be noted that resolutions don’t need to be grand. They could be as simple as removing the sugar from your morning coffee. Whatever works for you. 

        If you decide to follow one of our resolutions above, please let us know how you get on through social media, tagging @nationwidecoffee.