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      • Coffee – fuelling the freelance lifestyle part 2

      • Last week we discussed whether you’re capitalising on the escape-the-house habits of freelancers in your coffee shop in Coffee – fuelling the freelance lifestyle part 1. This week, we’re looking at the other place freelancers convene: co-working spaces. They’re popping up everywhere. Perhaps you run one, perhaps you’ve worked in one. Or perhaps you should invest in starting one up. One thing’s for certain: all those creative minds together in one place are going to need fuelling. 

        So, what’s the best coffee machine for co-working spaces?

        There’s an argument for investing in a funky, high-quality commercial espresso machine, but only if your co-working space is the sort of set-up where your freelancer customers like to invite clients, or when there are enough serious coffee aficionados among them. Most creatives recognise the need for a change of environment, pace or activity in order to free up mental blocks. Even five minutes away from the laptop, spent grinding some beans and tamping down the coffee, can be time well spent – and not just for the resulting brew.

        But we think that’s a little niche, and unless you do some detailed market research which indicates espresso machines are a clear winner, the sure-fire bet for freelance community workspaces is a decent bean-to-cup coffee machine.

        Think about it. A couple of button presses and you’re immediately served any of a range of premium coffees. A bean-to-cup machine is just unbeatably convenient. And the quality of the coffee served is barista-level anyway.

        We already know the benefits of caffeine on creativity and concentration, and that ever-increasing numbers of people are frequenting coffee shops or even ordering coffees in pubs. So, if you’re running a community workspace, why would you want your customer base nipping off to the nearest Starbucks or Costa?

        Just having an on-site coffee machine is a selling point, an extra reason to sign up

        How you fund it is up to you – could coffees be free and included in membership or daily workspace use fees? More likely, you’ll want to charge for use. You could choose a coin-operated coffee machine, or even have an honesty jar. Take a look at your business model and fee structures, and see what makes most sense. You’ll be surprised at how affordable bean-to-cup machine rental is, so subsidising the coffees can still enable you to increase profits. Alternatively, the pay-per-coffee approach still allows you to price more competitively than the high street coffee shops, so your customers will still view you favourably.

        For more detailed advice on which coffee machine is best for your business, and good deals on supplies as well as the machines themselves, we’re always happy to have a no-obligation chat. Just get in touch on 0800 840 9023 or email info@nationwidecoffee.co.uk.