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      • British people drink HOW MUCH coffee?

      • We know that coffee-drinking is on the rise. We know that coffee shops are growing, while pubs are closing. We know that successful pubs are cashing in on the craze for coffee consumption by offering good coffee from good espresso makers.

        But until we saw the results of a survey by syrup manufacturers Monin, we didn’t know quite how much coffee we Brits are guzzling.

        It’s an astonishing 1,460 cups of coffee a year. More than 93,000 in the average lifetime. That’s four cups a day, per person. Which is pretty much exactly the right amount to reap the maximum benefits of coffee drinking. Good going.

        So, whatever your business – whether you run a serviced office, a gastropub or a coffee shop - you know the custom is out there. Pretty much anyone who walks past is a target.

        And the fact that more people now own coffee machines at home is, if anything, fuelling the desire for coffee outside the home.

        We’ve talked elsewhere about how to attract more customers to your coffee shop (and we’ve barely scratched the surface, so we’ll share more tips soon), but the real key is going to be your coffee – its quality and diversity.

        To make the quality shine through, you need to:

        • pick great coffee
        • pay attention to the grind
        • clean your coffee machine properly and regularly enough
        • keep your barista skills up to date with training
        • know your coffee – and match it with great accompaniments, like syrups.

        Do people really go for syrups, almond milk, soya milk and so on? Absolutely. Hang about near the counter in the big chain coffee shops, and you’ll hear those orders come up time and time again. So, it’s wise to offer options for the health-conscious, the lactose-intolerant and those who just like their coffee with a hint of something nutty. Caramel is the favourite syrup, followed by vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon and then salted caramel.

        You also need to nail the standards. This same survey revealed that the country’s favourite coffee is a latte. 41% of people say it’s their go-to coffee. Cappuccino is the second on the list, followed by Americano, then mocha, then espresso, then the flat white. You and your team of baristas need to create and pour all of these perfectly every time.

        Because the moment your coffee beats the taste of your nearest competitors’ coffee offering, is your moment to win future loyalty.