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      • Boost your business during British Food Fortnight

      • British Food Fortnight runs from Saturday 21 September to Sunday 6 October 2019. It’s exactly what you’d expect: a celebration of the UK’s best-loved ingredients, produce and recipes. It’s a promotion of seasonal foods, sustainable production and low-carbon footprints. It’s an opportunity to boost your business by showcasing your best British food and drink to win new customers and make existing customers your brand ambassadors through social media and word of mouth. It’s a time when the focus isn’t so much on your coffee machine, although it’s still going to be busy…

        The broad base of “British food” means there’s something here for a huge proportion of food and drink providers. Caterers and food service companies can go to town with specialist menus; pubs can highlight all sorts of beers, wine, spirits and, of course, traditional British pub food – from snacks to gastro-treats; even simple coffee shops can offer a traditional British cream tea and a range of homemade baked goods. All drenched in a little feel-good factor which, if we’re honest, the UK could do with right now.

        One way of standing apart from the competition on your high street is to source fresh foods produced in the local area. Being able to pinpoint your county and particular farms makes customers’ food choices mean more than just a good meal, drink or snack; it becomes personal, supporting the local economy, producers and suppliers. There’s pride in that as well as sustainable practice.

        Of course, you won’t gain any benefit if you don’t publicise your menus or offers. And you’ll gain less benefit if you don’t include your suppliers in your publicity. Name those farms. Name those local breweries. Tag them in your social media and you can be sure they’ll return the favour, extending your reach and local awareness of all you have to offer.

        Explore the http://www.lovebritishfood.co.uk website, where you can become a member for access to extra promotional materials, and there’s plenty of useful stuff for everyone. Bunting, stickers, posters and even menus for table talkers for restaurants, pubs and other eateries; it’s all here, plus useful guides to seasonal produce, links to other handy resources and ideas for promoting the big idea and your part in it. Be sure to make maximum use of your social media channels, using great photos, talking up your suppliers, and using the all-important hashtags #LoveBritishFood and #BritishFoodisGreat. Most important of all, consider making seasonal, locally produced food and drink a staple part of your menu, if you don’t already. Good luck and enjoy!