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      • 7 ways a good office coffee machine improves business results

      • 7 ways a goof office coffee machine improves business resultsEvery little social interaction makes a difference to how employees feel as they go about their daily work. How they feel affects how they perform, and how they perform affects your turnover, profit and reputation. It might feel a stretch, but it really isn’t. Employee morale matters enormously to any company. And supplying a good-quality office coffee machine is just one easy way to improve morale.

        Most offices have pretty poor tea and coffee on offer. A basic white kitchenette in the corner with a massive pack of cheap tea bags and instant coffee bought with loose change from petty cash. It’s depressing just thinking about it, let alone knowing that’s all you’ve got to drink all day. Upgrade that to a self-service coffee machine serving perfectly poured lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, hot chocolate and more besides, and you’re a cut above the rest already. Just don’t skimp on the quality of the coffee itself. And when you do lease your office coffee machine, don’t forget the tea-drinkers – make sure you’re buying a really good range of fruit, herbal and traditional teas.

        7 ways the simple act of leasing a coffee machine for your business helps:

        1. You create the feeling of being valued. You’re immediately telling every member of staff that they are worth more than the basics, that their happiness matters to you. That they’re worth more than the choice of “Cheap coffee with milk, or cheap black coffee?” People who feel valued tend to reciprocate and to pass on that same positivity, which can translate into greater productivity. Happier staff don’t just work harder and more efficiently, they’re sick less often and remain loyal for longer too. Which lowers your recruitment and training costs.
        2. You create more opportunities for social interaction. Forming closer bonds with colleagues has a similar effect on productivity and enhances teamwork.
        3. Five minutes away from the monitor getting a round of coffee in for colleagues is good for the eyes, gives the brain a break and reduces stress. In fact, even the smell of premium coffee is a stress-reliever. Less stress takes us back to all the benefits we listed in 1), and more besides.
        4. Clients and visitors get the coffee they actually asked for. Who among us hasn’t been forced to drink a horrible drink made by some hapless office underling when attending a meeting? A good office coffee machine sidesteps that disappointment and puts visitors in a good mood. And that can only be good for business.
        5. Caffeine is a performance drug. Sort of. Various studies indicate that, as well as giving as an energy boost when we’re flagging, it improves concentration and memory performance and reduces mistakes. You’re probably not a fan of mistakes…
        6. It’s your chance, as the business owner or manager, to make better personal connections with staff. Employees like it when management makes the time to take on a fair share of tea and coffee duties. And the goodwill you generate from taking your turn won’t be hindered by a dodgy cuppa, when you’re using a professional coffee machine that does the hard work for you automatically.
        7. Constructive one-to-ones are invaluable in getting more from staff, but so are informal breakout chats where people feel they can be more relaxed an open. Why not introduce a regular 15-minute group coffee break, where you get the team to grab themselves a drink, sit somewhere more comfortable, and get their feedback and feelings on their workloads? You’ll gain vital insights, the trust of your team, and demonstrate that you care, all at once.

        Of course, installing a new coffee machine in the office won’t achieve the transformation of your business on its own. But for any business interested in improving their office culture and enhancing staff wellbeing, it’s a basic part of any employment engagement and enrichment programme. Order a bean-to-cup machine today on an easily affordable lease, and just watch your employees’ reactions when they pour their first coffees.

        To find out more about leasing an office coffee machine within your budget, just give us a call on 0800 840 9023 or email info@nationwidecoffee.co.uk today.