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      • Cash VS Lease: Investing in Times of Uncertainty

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        A wave of macro factors have affected the UK economy in recent times, impacting not only households but also UK SMEs. During inflation and times of economic uncertainty, coffee machine leasing can be advantageous for businesses looking to invest, as opposed to purchasing outright with cash. 

        In this article, we’ll compare the two payment options. 

        Cash Payment

        • Paying the full sum upfront will immediately impact cash reserves. In times of uncertainty, it's often wise to keep back cash for unexpected emergencies and shortfalls. 

        • Regardless of the economic situation, most equipment tends to depreciate in value over time and effectiveness. This can lead to higher ongoing maintenance costs if the machine is kept for longer, and frequent large capital outlays if the coffee machine is replaced every 3 years. 

        • External market shocks, such as the Ukrainian war, have resulted in supply chain issues and unreliable lead times. Cash purchases require upfront payment, even though deliveries could be delayed for months, putting a pause on the positive benefit a new machine can have for a business. 


        • By leasing, you avoid a large capital investment and spread the cost over an agreed term at a manageable rate, enabling healthier cash flow for your business. 

        • Leasing allows you to pay for your coffee machine over its useful lifespan (3-5 years), set to a term that aligns with your business growth plans and projected requirements.

        • Finance lease rental payments are fixed for the duration of the lease term, allowing you to lock in today’s rates and benefit from inflation proof payments. 

        • Leasing costs are a 100% tax-allowable business expense


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